Toronto Transit Commission


In developing this campaign we asked: 
  • What does connection mean to you?
  • What does the line 1 extension mean to you? 
  • How will you connect to the line 1 extension?
  • How do we get the public excited about the line 1 extension?

The design charrette revealed some key concepts that we used to direct our campaign development.

Opportunity / Memory / Family / Growth / Future / Access / Adventure / Inclusion

This was the basis for further discussion where we landed on the tagline - "Line 1 will get you there" - and a concept for communicating the "From here to there" message. In a brainstorm session we explored the "here to there" concept for locations that the subway extension will open up for Torontonians. Places that will be accessible, that weren't before, via subway. We came up with a number of concepts that could be communicated with a quick line and an illustration.

Here are some I wrote that didn’t make the cut:

  • Beer League to Big League 
  • Selling Stocks to Tennis Socks
  • The Six to The Styx
  • Island Ferry to Wild Beast

Concept sketches

Rogers Cup to Toronto Island Ferry

Music festivals at Downsview Park
to the Art Gallery of Ontario